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Top(ic)-Less and My Current Project

September 23, 2011

In an effort to keep myself writing every day, I’ve been writing a fictional blog about a She-Dwarf-Ogre named Rog. This is my current project that may turn into a publication someday. We’ll see. It has also been keeping me out of a funk. I’ve been writing on it since the end of May 2011. I’ve only missed writing on it for about a grand total of 2 weeks (1 week in a row due to moving and being internet-less; the other week accumulated over a series of weeks due to fighting procrastination–I’m happy to say, I’m back on track!) I noticed something about my moving week–I didn’t realize just how much I missed doing it until I came back to it. I had so much fun starting up again that I realized that bit of happiness was missing when I was disconnected.

As for the job-scene, I’m still waiting to hear back from the used bookstore. I really hope I can get this job, even if it’s a paycut from what I make now, I’ll still be earning more as a full-timer than I am right now. And benefits? Sick days? Vacation? Stories? I would love all of that! I’ve been having very positive thoughts while waiting to hear back. It turns out that the week after I applied for a position, they posted a job opening for a full-timer. I can’t help but think what fantastic timing that is! Granted, it’s no guarantee that I’ll get the job; but it does make me very excited.

So far, I haven’t ventured into my office to choose a story to start rewriting. That being said, tomorrow starts the first of 5 days off in a row for me. I get to go see a bunch of awesome bands tomorrow, it’s supposed to be around 65°-70°F, outdoors all afternoon and evening, running around in the mosh-pit, and singing along. I can’t wait!

Alright, for the moment, I’m topic-less. That means I need to pick an idea to explore!

There will be more in the days to come.





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