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New Job in a Couple Weeks!

October 13, 2011

I was woken up this morning by a phone call. I didn’t recognize the number, so I let it go to voicemail (I was groggy anyway, so I didn’t want to just answer sleepily). It was the used bookstore manager calling me back letting me know that the job was mine if I wanted it and that they’d want me to start on the 24th. I called my manager at the grocery store first. Lo and behold, they had already written the schedule that week, I’d be working Thursday through Sunday. I called the Bookstore back and told him what’s up. He said they’d really need the help for Halloween coming up.

“This job is definitely my priority. I’ll let them know. What time do you need me to be there?”

I have never had to quit one job to start another before. I’ve always had periods of unemployment due to school. Changing jobs while currently being in one is a lot like moving to a new place. The scheduling never matches up nicely. Someone needs a couple extra days to clean up while someone else needs to move in a few days early. Sometimes they’re able to work with you, other times, you’ve gotta hole up with a friend, family member, or in a hotel with your stuff in the moving truck until you can get settled into your new place.

I feel for my grocery store manager. She’s been lacking some help in Customer Service and the hours are going to have to be cut back after the end of this year. I called her back and told her that I wouldn’t be able to work the week of the 24th, and she said she’d go back to rewrite the schedule. She’s happy for me for getting what I needed, but I know I’ve just stressed her out. I’ve been upfront with everyone about the store being a temporary job. That I would be hunting for a job when I was done with school. When they moved me to customer service, I was upfront with the customer service manager. She appreciated it, but I think she’s been dreading me leaving.

I’m accountable and I do the job I’m given. It’s always surprising to me when that is all it takes to be put at the top of the good-list in a job.

They’ll be okay at the store. Things’ll be a little hectic, someone else might bump over to take on my part-time hours, but they’ll get re-settled. It doesn’t make me feel any less sympathetic. But I’m happy for the new job.

There are always the neurons firing telling your brain “what if you don’t catch on as fast as they want?” “What if the job winds up not being the fit you think it is?” It’s times like these where I just stop, take a deep breath, and repeat this over and over:

“You can’t mess up your life so bad it can’t be fixed.”

Even if things get delayed, extra paperwork needs done, or coupons are needed to be given; you learn from it and move forward.

My new dress-code: no open-toed shoes, nothing with swear words.

Dyed hair is fine, tattoos are fine (the manager has a mustache tattooed on his index finger), and everyone works a bit of everything.

I am greatly looking forward to my new job. I’m excited! It’ll be a paycut from what I’m making now, but the perks are better. 40 hours guaranteed, they have only asked someone to work overtime once in the past 5 years, and they don’t shave hours. Benefits are part of the deal as well! And book discounts! Oh man! Book discounts!

Which means, I work, get paid, buy bookshelves, buy books, buy more bookshelves… within a year, perhaps I’ll buy a little plot of land and construct myself a house of bookshelves!

Well, a girl can dream, right?


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