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Mental Blocks to Mental Legos

October 23, 2011

So I’m starting my new job at the used bookstore on Monday. I’m excited and have new-job-nerves all at the same time. I also have been dwelling on the fact that I keep stopping myself from writing, even though my brain is screaming at me to do so. It’s been over a week since my last post, and I’m a week behind on flash fiction challenges by good ol’ Mr. Wendig. The last one really spoke to me, too. So I fully intend to do last week’s and this week’s even though I can’t really win anything from it.

So why not look at what blocks us from writing?

Things Are Still Rattling Around Up There

Well, that can be what you keep telling yourself while you play your Facebook/Google+ games and talk to people on the internets. Trolling through videos and endlessly clicking that seductive StumbleUpon button.

I’m Too Tired to Start; It Will be Time Consuming

Gotta pay the bills, so you gotta do some work. Right now, I’m jumping between retail jobs and find myself in this situation quite often. Clutter in the apartment/home/office/etc. will help encourage the sapping of your energy while your brain says, “It’s too much to handle right now. So let’s just zonk out on the couch and not do anything. Okay?”

The problem is, that nagging gremlin in your mind that says “let me out! I want to write!” He will only make you feel guilty for not writing. So that day you didn’t write, even though you wanted to, becomes a day lost that you didn’t write like you wanted to.

That sounds like a crappy day!

I Don’t have Time to Do it Justice

You won’t be able to get a masterpiece done in one day. Write something. Even if you save it as a draft for your eyes only, at least you’d be creating something that day and it would be moving toward a goal of completion. You can go back later, add to it, edit it, pare it down, and make it bloom.

There are So Many Projects and Things that Need My Attention

There are always little things that pop up and demand you look at them. They want you to look at them and lie; tell them they are worth your time. Maybe they are, but there is no way you’ll be able to do something for yourself on top of addressing all of those little things today. Plus, just thinking about them makes it harder to start addressing them. It’s overwhelming! You need to take a breath and look at the smaller steps. Stop staring at the big picture all the time, you’ll get too scared to start on the journey.

Just Do One Thing

One of my best friends was talking to me the other day about “the wise mind.” We all get so caught up in our lives and our troubles and deadlines that we can scare ourselves away from doing what we want to do because there just isn’t the time.

  • Just do one thing
  • Don’t worry about the rest

  • Just do one thing

  • Even if it’s just 30 minutes

What’s your “one thing” that you will choose to focus on and accomplish for the day?

Will you spend 30 minutes to clean out your personal space?

Will you sit down and hammer out some words onto a screen or paper?

Will you get that laundry done that’s been piling up in the closet because you felt like you just didn’t have the time?

Or maybe just exercise while listening to some awesome music.

Just choose one for your day. If the other shit gets done as well, so be it. But focus on that singular accomplishment that will make your world a happier place. You can feel good about that one thing you did that day.

It’s good to have something to feel accomplished about every day.


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