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City Mall Ghost Town

November 7, 2011

I was wandering about the practically deserted mall today. I was trying to find a shop that would be able to replace my watch battery. See, my phone is my only source of time at my job, and I’m technically not supposed to have a phone on the floor. Nothing I’ve gotten in trouble for yet, but I’d rather not tempt fate.

It’s rather eerie walking around a failing mall on a Monday afternoon. Shops with merchandise may be lit up, but they hide behind their gates, inaccessible to the public. More expensive pieces of metal and marble art peek through windows from the surrounding darkness. And with the reds from the carpet and the dim lighting throughout the halls, it felt like being in an empty movie theater when nothing is playing on the screen. The lights are up, but not bright enough to banish the shadows.

The shops that are open, you have to peek around to make sure there’s actually someone running the place. The shopkeepers for the day are hiding behind their counters, eating snacks, and talking on phones. Trying to find some way to pass the time so their shift will finally be over. Meanwhile, most of the people in and out of the stores aren’t actually shopping. It’s depressing and haunting. Everyone’s quiet. No one talks to one another. And the food court sits in a dark silence with few patrons and even fewer eateries.

The Chocolate Factory was gone. That was a weird thing to see. The shelves were bare and in the window hung a sign promoting the vendor-stall as a prime location for business. It felt like I was in a museum looking at the exhibits but unable to touch the displays.

It was an interesting walk through the mall.

As for the word-count. I’m not sure I’m going to adhere to the NaNo timeline. I have found myself to be an entire week behind. And while it is possible to catch up, I’m not sure I have it in me this time around. Although, I do have a few hundred words started on a story. I intend to continue playing with it. I’ll post bits of it as I go along.

I’m still in training w/ my bookstore job. Beginning my 3rd week this week! It’s been fantastic so far.

More later!


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