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My Facebook Sim Writes More than I Do

November 19, 2011

The discipline of sitting down and writing something every day has gotten wrapped up in me feeling like I need downtime to veg since I’m still in training at the bookstore. I get to learn how to buy from the public soon! I’ve just been learning how to price what we’ve bought from the public. So I’m slowly but surely getting the feel for everything there.

The title has been something I’ve been chuckling at for a while. It was just a matter of time before I wrote this entry.

One of the things I do during my “veg time” is play facebook games. Castle Age is where I have built myself a social group and is the only reason I still play (although my chattiness has gone way down most days. I still feel like I’m settling in to my new job/place/etc.) The other game that hasn’t shaken off due to boredom yet is The Sims Social.

I spend a lot of my energy upping my writing-skill on this game. I write and level-up until I can no longer level on one piece of equipment, then I buy the next one up and level that up until it has been maxed. Lemme tell ya about living vicariously through an avatar! Geebus Ghast! Every time I get her “inspired,” which means she is fulfilled to the max from eating, pooping, hygenic, sleep, socializing, and entertainment, and then I can start her up on her writing. If she’s in the “inspired” state, she makes more money from writing (or doing other creative things such as painting or composing). She gets paid right away and you will soon be looking at the couple grands of “simoleons” (the currency) with which you can buy stuff.

Every time I make her write something, I see that progress bar climb up, and then I’m like “well, hell… I could probably have written a few paragraphs in the amount of time it took my Sim to write complete pieces for money!” And what do I do about it? I visit my friends’ Sims so I can build my energy back up so I can make my Sim write more instead of typing “wordpress” in the address bar and selecting this blog.

I’m fantastic at avoiding doing what I want to do 😛 I’m not entirely sure why that is. I’m sure it’s partly because I’m a bit afraid of completing something and then throwing it to the wolves, trying to get it published. (A new one is finding out whether or not publishing will put me into some kind of competition with a bookstore job. I don’t think it will, but it would still be good to check up on so I can plan accordingly.) I know I am partly afraid because it will expose more of who I am in some way, which is not a bad thing. I’m not ashamed of who I am, but my flaws make me insecure when they come under scrutiny–even though it’s never the end of the world once they’re pointed out. In fact, it’s healthy to unveil them. Name those bastards and they stop being so influential.

My goal for this coming week… and of course, I’ve decided to do this on the week of Thanksgiving when my family’s coming to visit, is to start back up on my daily blog. Rog needs to find out where Grola is and deal with whatever mess has been gotten into! That story will not stay dormant, even though it’s been about a month since I’ve posted to it. I feel better once I’ve written for the day. I just need to stay disciplined and make it my accomplishment-for-the-day. That daily task that, if anything is to be done for the day, it will be that one thing.

I know I’ve had a lot of fun writing the flash fiction pieces early in the mornings and having them edited by noon. Perhaps if my “writing time” is early in the morning, more will get accomplished for the day. That also means getting up early. Which never sounds fun in the first place. We’ll see what works out!



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