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Omnivore Grazing Amongst Vegans

November 21, 2011

I just went to a blog about “Real Vegan Recipes” because I like the people I work with. If I bring stuff to share at work, I’d love for everyone to be able to have some. A decent enough number of the staff is vegan/vegetarian and I don’t want to exclude someone because I’m ignorant about vegan dishes.

I google “real vegan recipes” because I know there can be a difference between vegetarian and vegan, click on a link, and am bombarded with “meat is murder” propaganda showing a chick peeking out of a bun w/ cheese and lettuce as well as a leather coat drenched in blood. I wanted recipes and now I’m disgusted by someone w/ an agenda and have to push myself to keep looking.

Now, some of the people I work with went vegetarian/vegan for health reasons. Others for personal beliefs about the treatment of animals. However, they don’t gang up on the meat-eaters (truthfully, omnivores), they don’t try to shove an agenda on you, or any of that nonsense.

I suppose my only issue here is flipping through the google pages trying to find food I can share with my new work friends that everyone can have and being bombarded with meat-is-murder propaganda. It’s really only annoyance, but it sure makes searching for recipes so you can have your vegan friends over much harder when you’re getting berated before you can even get to the recipe section.

To clarify–I am not upset that any of the people I work with are vegan; totally respect it. I am upset about certain internet-people who make it difficult for me to find a welcoming website with vegan recipes.

Now, here’s the google search that gave me less grief and I should have known to enter in the first place:
Vegan recipes for meat eaters.”
Which brought me to this site:
And it’s perfect! Omnivore and Vegan together in harmony! He likes meat dishes and she is strictly vegan. He has compiled a list of recipes that they both enjoy and are up-to-code for vegan-friendliness.

How does this all pertain to the triumphs and turmoils of an aspiring writer? So much of the internet is writing! It’s how you connect with people, it’s how you rally people to your cause, it’s how you inform people–especially with deliciousness.

And, if you do it wrong (or troll), you alienate people. You drive a wedge, lose credibility, and lose readership. No one, meat-eater or vegetarian/vegan, truly delights in seeing animal abuse. Definitely not when you’re looking for a new recipe.

If you’re looking to spread peace, love, and compassion– be peaceful, loving and compassionate and share that with those around you without judgment.

If you’re looking to share amazing vegan recipes to a world where many insist on eating meat, share them in a friendly way. People are not averse to trying a delicious recipe, they are allergic to being told doing anything else makes them a monster. People don’t respond well to being called monsters. They do respond well to “oh, man this shit is DELICIOUS!” And you’ll reach a wider range of people.


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