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My Inner Two-Face

April 23, 2012

So! My feet have been dragging and kicking myself again! Procrastination strikes! Laziness has taken over. While I’ve had the drive inside to be creative, my other… inside… has preferred vegging out. And she’s been winning. I’ve been blaming the same culprits I’ve accused time and time again. Sleepiness, crummy computers, time, lack of energy. Really, I believe it’s because I haven’t set aside the time to get anything done. So the imp story hasn’t actually been developed beyond what I’ve written in the previous post. And that needs to change. At the very least, I need to get back to doing Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction challenges so I’m writing on a regular basis again.

Newest update, the Buttface and I are gonna be moving apartment complexes at the end of June. Rent’s gonna be cheaper so he’ll be able to better save for a car and I’ll be able to start having some play money instead of just getting by. I’ll also be able to actually save up for a computer while paying off my debts and having enough money left over for food and gas and a little flexibility! I know this because I’ve already figured up a spreadsheet through the end of December… We’re gonna wind up in a pretty spacious 1-bedroom apartment. We’ll miss having the extra bedroom and extra bathroom, but hey. Gotta save up! It’s only temporary!

In the meantime, I’m gonna start putting my cheapo-tablet to the test. Gonna see if I can at least start using it for writing since my laptop is on the fritz. I’ll see about getting this imp-story underway! (That way, next time I talk to my granny, I can tell her I’ve actually started writing things again!)


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