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Man, I suck! No, wait… let’s be constructive!

October 15, 2012

Hahaha! I’ve had a new computer for a few months now and haven’t stuck myself back to the writing gig. Worst…. writer…. for the moment. I have gotten a kids’ book story board done; but not much since then. I log back in to find that I gained a comment and a follower since I last really did anything on here. That was forever ago that those things happened! Oops! Sorry about that!

Anyway, here are plans for the moment. I gotta get pumped back up. I’ve stopped swinging by my site that does flash fictions because I’m ashamed that I haven’t done anything yet (yeah, who’s that helping?) and so I’ve stopped writing my short pieces! I need to pick that back up.

Other plan–I want to start a little freelance editing! College papers, short stories, chapters, etc. I love seeing patterns and tweaking words to make better sentences. I gotta get a few things set up first, but the first several edits I offer will be free on the basis that I can use clips of your paper/piece to demonstrate my process. Please note, I am not going to post your entire work on the site, only a paragraph or two so I can show what kind of work people can expect of me. I’ll run it by you for your approval before I post anything.

Plus, if it’s a story and this biddness picks up, it’ll be free advertising for your book/story! If you wind up publishing something that I helped edit, I would be happy to post about it! Now, eventually, since this is going to be a freelance business, I’ll need to start charging at some point. Time is money, blah blah blah. Oh, yeah! And nerd needs software! I’ve still got my full-time bookstore job that I  love, so that’s not going anywhere. But I’m still living paycheck to paycheck.

Let’s help each other out! I still owe family from school, I’m still paying down college loans, and my parents are still helping me out with some of my bills.  You want to turn in something fluid, without errors, and tasty–you want to do this in an affordable way. I want to play with your words to make them that way and to get out of the thumb of debt while being affordable.

I want to edit more. I want to write more.

I have a few kinks to work out–how files will be sent, how payment will be received (eventually), as well as what the invoices will look like (I want to be legit, after all).

Let’s get these things to happen!

If you want me to edit something, send an email to and we’ll get started! For now, I’m doing this for free. I will do this for free until I have enough product to adequately show my skills! Send me an e-mail describing what it is you want to send to me, when it’s due (if it has a due date), how long it is (number of pages is fine).

Get it to me at least two days before your assignment is due–preferably earlier than that so I have time to do a good job of editing and you have time to see what edits you want to keep and which edits you don’t agree with.

Let’s do this!


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