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Edit Me!

With adrenaline pumping through my veins and an aura of positivity crackling the air around me, I offer up my services as an editor FOR FREE (for the moment). All I ask is that I may use clips of your piece (paper, story, etc) to demonstrate my skills so I can turn these skills around into a job.

I have a few kinks to work out before this will turn into a paying-gig. Questions such as, should I use PayPal? Or some other service? I need to develop an easy-to-use form so you can just fill out and submit your stuff. I need to develop good invoices so I can be legitimate tax-wise.

Make sure to give me at least 2 days before an assignment is due (preferably longer, but I understand how homework goes) so I can get through your work and edit it as well as possible. This gives me time to edit and it gives you time to approve or reject my recommendations.

Throw me an e-mail at and let me know what you’d like to have edited.
Include: What it is, how long it is, and when you absolutely need it back by. Remember to give yourself time to approve or reject my recommendations.

***Plagiarism is an ugly thing. Don’t steal someone else’s work and then send it to me to edit. I don’t (at this time) provide fact-checking services and am going on good faith that what you are sending me is from your own brain to your fingers.

If you are quoting or paraphrasing something someone else said–make a note of it in your paper or put quotation marks around it. These things can sometimes accidentally slip in. I understand. But if you use someone else’s work as your own and you get caught, that is on you. The editor chick over here is only editing what you handed her. By sending me your work to be edited, you agree that the work is your own.***

My credentials: I have a Bachelors Degree in English with a focus in Creative Writing from the University of Kansas.
I have also received my Paralegal Certification from Johnson County Community College.


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